23rd Annual RAZZIE Award® Nominations

Les Nominations pour les 23me Golden Razzie Awards sont dornavant connues. En voici la liste par catgorie. Pour ceux qui ne le savent pas les Razzie Awards rcompensent les pires films de lanne. Cette crmonie se droulera le 22 Mars a 11h du matin , soit 24h avant le dbut des Oscars. Les Nominations par film avec comme grand vainqueur le film qui marque les dbuts au cinma de Britney Spears : Crossroads CROSSROADS 8 Nominations STAR WARS EPISODE II and SWEPT AWAY 7 Nominations chacun. Roberto Benignis PINOCCHIO 6 Nominations THE ADVENTURES OF PLUTO NASH 5 Nominations MR. DEEDS and I SPY 3 Nominations Each DIE ANOTHER DAY and SHOWTIME 2 Nominations Each WORST PICTURE( LE PLUS MAUVAIS FILM ): -THE ADVENTURES of PLUTO NASH (Warner Bros.) -CROSSROADS (Paramount) -Roberto Benignis PINOCCHIO (Miramax) -STAR WARS: EPISODE II: ATTACK OF THE CLONES (Fox/Lucasfilm) -SWEPT AWAY (Screen Gems) WORST ACTOR( PLUS MAUVAIS ACTEUR): -Roberto Benigni (Dubbed GODZILLA-Style by Breckin Meyer) PINOCCHIO*# -Adriano Giannini/SWEPT AWAY -Eddie Murphy/ADVENTURES of PLUTO NASH, I SPY and SHOWTIME# -Steven Segal/HALF PAST DEAD# -Adam Sandler/ADAM SANDLERS 8 CRAZY NIGHTS and MR. DEEDS# WORST ACTRESS (PLUS MAUVAISE ACTRICE): -Angelina Jolie/LIFE, OR SOMETHING LIKE IT*# -Jennifer Lopez/ENOUGH and MAID IN MANHATTAN# -Madonna/SWEPT AWAY# -Winona Ryder/MR. DEEDS* -Britney Spears/CROSSROADS WORST SUPPORTING ACTOR(plus mauvais acteur dans un second rle): -Hayden Christensen/STAR WARS/EPISODE II: YADA-YADA-YODA -Tom Green/STEALING HARVARD# -Freddie Prinze, Jr./SCOOBY DOO -Christopher Walken/THE COUNTRY BEARS* -Robin Williams/DEATH TO SMOOCHY* WORST SUPPORTING ACTRESS( plus mauvaise actrice dans un second rle): Lara Flynn Boyle/MEN IN BLACK II Bo Derek/MASTER OF DISGUISE# Madonna/DIE ANOTHER DAY# Natalie Portman/STAR WARS: EPISODEWHO CARES'# Rebecca Ramijn-Stamos/ROLLERBALL MOST FLATULENT TEEN-TARGETED MOVIE (New Category!) ADAM SANDLERS 8 CRAZY NIGHTS (Sony/Columbia) CROSSROADS (Paramount) JACKASS: THE MOVIE (Paramount) SCOOBY DOO (Warner Bros.) XXX (Sony/Revolution) WORST SCREEN COUPLE( le pire couple l'cran): Adriano Giannini & Madonna#/SWEPT AWAY Roberto Benigni* & Nicoletta Braschi / Benignis PINOCCHIO Hayden Christensen & Natalie Portman# STAR WARS/EPISODE II: SEND IN THE CLONES Eddie Murphy# & EITHER Robert deNiro# (SHOWTIME) Owen Wilson (I SPY) or Himself Cloned (THE ADVENTURES OF PLUTO NASH) Britney Spears & Whatever-His-Name-Was/CROSSROADS WORST DIRECTOR( pire ralisateur): Roberto Benigni/PINOCCHIO* Tamra Davis/CROSSROADS George Lucas/STAR WARS/EPISODE II: ATTACK OF THE GROANS * Guy Ritchie/SWEPT AWAY Ron Underwood/THE ADVENTURES of PLUTO NASH WORST REMAKE or SEQUEL( pire remake ou suite): I SPY (Sony/Columbia) ( espion et ) MR. DEEDS (Columbia/New Line) ( Les aventures de Mr Deeds) Roberto Benignis PINOCCHIO (Miramax) STAR WARS/EPISODE II: WHAT-EVER (20th Century-Fox) SWEPT AWAY (Screen Gems) WORST SCREENPLAY( le plus mauvais scnario): -THE ADVENTURES of PLUTO NASH, Written by Neil Cuthbert -CROSSROADS, Screenplay by Shonda Rhimes -Roberto Benignis PINOCCHIO, Screenplay by Vincenzo Cerami and Roberto Benigni* -STAR WARS: EPISODE II: THE BOREDOM CONTINUES, Screenplay by George Lucas* and Jonathon Hales -SWEPT AWAY. Screenplay by Guy Ritchie WORST ORIGINAL SONG( Le pire thme musical): -Die Another Day from DIE ANOTHER DAY, written by Madonna and Mirwais Ahmadzai -Im Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman from CROSSROADS, Written by Max Martin, Rami & Dido Armstrong -Overprotected from CROSSROADS, Written by Max Martin and Rami 2003, The Golden Raspberry Award Foundation

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